Tucson Restorative Dentist

Tucson Restorative Dentist

Dr. Derickson is a top of the line Tucson Restorative Dentist who uses metal free / ceramic fillings and porcelain crowns which are not only safe but prolongs the overall life of the tooth.

Metal Free Fillings and/or Crowns– Large metal fillings corrode over time. Silver amalgams contain mercury. They also cause cracks in the surrounding enamel from the expansion and contraction differences. Cracks don't ever heal. So future treatment may involve root canal treatment if the fractures affect the dental nerve and/or crown. Our doctors really recommend these modern ceramic fillings. They look and wear more like natural enamel and are kinder to the opposing teeth. The treated teeth also retain much of their strength as the bonding process pulls and holds all surfaces together

Silver fillings break down over time, become pitted and lose their tight seal. Here they have been replaced with bonded ceramic Inlays.

Crowns – A human jaw creates over 200 lbs. of force per square inch! When tooth strength has diminished due to decay, injury, cracks or wear, it is imperative to the tooth's longevity that it be protected from the stresses of chewing. A Crown (AKA Cap) is a protective shell made of porcelain or a combination of different materials.

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